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Droppin some Ash FAQ on ya

July 12, 2018

Not FAQ, but just some random facts about me. I guess. Uh. Here ya go!


I am an ENFP-T (Campaigner) 

My birthday is October 9, I'm a Libra! Moon in Leo, rising in Aries. I'm 24. I have the same birthday as John Lennon and his son.

My favorite animal is obviously a shark. But I love all animals dearly.

Vegetarian since the 4th grade and I have an on and off relationship to being vegan. 

I am Filipino, Italian, Turkish, Greek, and Spanish! I am mostly Filipino and was raised mainly with Filipino tradition and culture, so that's what I claim the most. 

I was born in Connecticut, we moved to Vegas when I was 2.

My first job was at a Jamba Juice. 

Every time in the past 2 years I've taken the Enneagram test, the results have been different. 

I love fruit and anything I can put hot sauce on. 

Internationally, I have been to Costa Rica, France, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. 

If you ask me "If I could be anywhere, where would I be?" it would 99% of the time be in a rainforest or on the beach. 

My favorite things to do (not related to performing) are hiking, going to the beach, exploring, going to a museum, and dancing.

I'm patiently waiting for the day I can adopt a dog. 

My full name is Ashley Rapuano, I don't have a middle name. 

I went through a pirate phase in middle school and if I'm being honest I'm still 100% in it. 

No, I am not going back to Vegas. This is my home now, but I intend on being bicoastal! 

I cook to survive, not for fun. Haha. 

I love to read and you can find mostly autobiographies and poetry on my shelf. 

The past year has changed me a lot and I'm currently figuring out who I am. I'm happy.

I used to play softball as a kid. I was catcher, short, and left. 

My favorite favorite favorite holiday is Halloween (besides Shark Week) and for me, it starts in September. 

Disney means a whole lot to me. 

The past few years I have taken up mixed martial arts and I absolutely love it. I just started doing boxing in New York and I am so in love. It's one of those things I'm super super passionate about and I'm trying to fit more of it in my schedule.

The rings I wear everyday are my grandma's rings. If I get a chance to wear them in a film, I do.

I always carry highlighters with me.

I used to fall asleep during EVERY SINGLE movie I ever watched, so there is a 5-10 year period I didn't watch movies at all really, so I'm catching up on that. Lol. 

My dream roles are Veronica in Motherfucker in the Hat and Vanessa from In The Heights. 

I am a huge cryer. Sobbing. I cry at everything. Sometimes I can't cry at all. Mostly I'm pouring.

My drink of choice is whiskey water.

When I have time to myself I really enjoy watching movies alone.

I love vintage dresses, retro clothing, anything and everything vintage. My dream car is a 1963 Chevy Chevelle SS. 

The deciding factor between LA and NY for me was falling asleep in traffic in LA when I went for an audition.

I don't drink coffee. 

If I wasn't an actor or comedian, I would 100% be working for an animal non-profit (Like World Wildlife Fund) or I'd be working with a non-profit for human rights.

I often eat the crust before I eat the middle of anything.


Well, those are just a few things I love about myself or questions I get a lot that I figured would be cool to put out! I hope you enjoyed it. Or well I hope you killed 5 minutes in the bathroom/at work. 









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