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Here's a few stories about my dad that are cool.

February 16, 2018


So he uses an electric wheelchair right now in Vegas. Whenever we'd go to Disneyland when I was a kid he'd have his wheelchair or scooter and would SPEED through the crowds. I wonder how many feet he's ran over. I know at least one pair of feet, and they belong to me. 




When I was maybe 3 or 4 we'd go down to this bank by the strip. It was a super tall building, but it was an actual building and not a casino. There aren't many tall buildings in Vegas that aren't hotels, so I always felt odd around it. I didn't like the inside, I remembered seeing lots of people in suits and fast walking and an atmosphere that generally made me feel uncomfortable. 


Anyway I'd stand outside the bank as much as possible. It overlooked the I-15 and the strip. There was this big patch of grass I used to play in and do flips in and stuff. My dad, even though he had business to attend to, would stand outside by the grass with me in front of this tall ass bank building,  patiently waiting for me to get all the tumbles out of my system.


I sang a lot as a kid, I still do, but I danced like a maniac back then too. Some days, I'd bring this pink and white Hello Kitty boom box with me to the bank and wherever else. I'd play it on full blast, and no matter what was playing, I'd sing to the top of my lungs and dance all around. So my dad, with his infamous cane and everything, would hang out and watch me with wonder while I sang and danced in front of the bank building on this little patch of grass. I'm always thankful he was healthy enough back then to watch the very first of my shows. 




When I was in college, I obviously played a lot of beer pong. Sadly, to the point where we'd just play it for fun because we wanted to get better at it but we had to wake up early or had exams or something. I never drank before college, so the whole world was new and exciting to me. I remember talking to my dad about it, just asking him if he had ever played games like that when he had his stint in college. He'd never heard of it, but he was always down to play games, so we set up the cups on the dining room table and played with water. He doesn't drink. I have a picture in some old phone of him playing beer pong with me. He got pretty good at it after a few rounds. 




My dad actually rode a motorcycle as a kid. He grew up in the 50's/60's. He used to drive a Caddy and I remember he kept the Caddy keychain on his car keys for so long. He used to care a lot about his hair and brushed it like a maniac every day (until it all fell out lol). He would yell at me for wanting a motorcycle because he had a pretty bad accident on it. I guess his bike had skid under a tractor trailer where there weren't any tires and he was miraculously safe. In retrospect, this is probably where my love for that era came from. My mom and dad loved Sinatra and everybody from that age of music, plus we lived in fucking Las Vegas, so of course it very much became who I am. Thanks for the love of nice cars, pops. Maybe one day I can afford one. Haha. 



My dad has always been very trusting. To the point of hilarity and problems. But nonetheless, he was very trusting. He's taught me a lot about who to trust and who not to trust, as well as the concept of being open minded about people. He's made plenty of friends just by being friendly. One of my favorite pieces of advice he has ever given me is "You catch more bees with honey than you do vinegar." 




That's all for now. There will probably be more posts and stuff about him. He's been on my mind a lot and we don't talk often due to a few circumstances, but hope you liked the few stories! 






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