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The Art of Settling

September 1, 2017


After 3 months of living in New York, you'd figure that I'm either 

a) living on a couch in an abandoned house in Queens

b) performing monologues in the subway trains for money

c) on the verge of selling my kidney


Luckily, I have only thought about selling my kidney ONCE so far. But the subway thing is a good idea...


After weeks and weeks of frantically working jobs and trying to figure out what the hell was going on, I am very happy to finally say that I am settling. I have two stable jobs, a nice (moderately cheap) apartment, and can breathe again.


The past 3 months I have worked 7 jobs, not including the ones I currently work at. Boy, has it been a time. I was going to list them all, but some of the adventures were so short lived I'm sure the companies wouldn't enjoy that so much! For a while I was starting to feel like Wayne from Wayne's World from all the jobs I was collecting. It was nice working freelance for a while, but it's so so so troubling to not know your schedule for Tuesday... when it's Monday night. It may be the way some actors choose to work, but it's just not for me. I guess I need some sort of stability. New York has taught me a plethora of lessons very quickly. Such as... the need for stability.  


Some of these jobs I have quit altogether, some of them I put on hold until the busy event season, some I still work at for a few days a month. For the main part though, I am working two jobs. My days are filled from morning to night, but I am the happiest. I work at Westville East, a wonderful restaurant company that has great food and treats its employees wonderfully. A few Vegas natives actually work there as well, which is CRAAAAAZYYY (small world, right?). I work the phones there and have just begun to cater for them. It's a nice gig, plus... food. I also work as a concierge at a hotel in midtown called The Pod. It's a super cool place, George Harrison of The Beatles has a picture taken here! It reminds me a lot of Vegas, which is absolutely lovely. A little piece of home in the city. I get to talk to people all day about New York, two of my favorite things! I knew I loved this city before I came here, but these jobs somehow make me love it even more. I have pride in living in New York. Everybody is a transplant here, too! Which also makes me very prideful to be from Vegas (of course, a novelty to many people). 


As far as my living situation goes, I found a killer apartment setup. I've learned things in New York travel by word of mouth... not that you CAN'T find good things by researching them yourself. Is it appropriate to post about how much your apartment is? Who cares, anyway. It's $770. My Vegas friends, your jaws probably dropped, it's a lot. I was paying $1,100 for a place before, for a sublet I found for my first few months in the city. This new place is literally 5 or 6 blocks down the street, even closer to the subway, first floor, laundry and yard. It's a dream. It's a little space, but I'm a little gal and I don't need much. I actually furnished it last night with a ton of things I found in the street. That's another thing New York has taught me. Fishing for furniture in the garbage is not only going to save you a ton of money, but a great way to work your arms, advance your thrifting skills, and it's a totally normal thing to do. Proudly prance around with that table you just found! My apartments were so close that I literally walked everything over (with the exception of one Lyft ride) and it was fine. Some minor, very funny mishaps, but all par for the course. 


A couple weeks ago I tried to make a mission of seeing friends more and putting in effort to keep in contact with the people I meet, and I now have time and a good schedule to do it in! I can finally have a social life, and a social life has indeed been missed. Cheers to actually EXPLORING THE CITY YOU LIFE IN MY GOODNESS. 


So. That's been my first 3 months. It feels like my life has changed every single day I've been here and finally it's starting to settle down. Stability is great, and now I have time to start taking classes and work on getting financially stable again!


And for anybody considering moving to New York... do it. Your life will never be the same. You will never be the same. 


For anybody who is currently in a new home, out of their comfort zone, making new patterns in their life... I salute you. What a journey we are on!  

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