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New York, I Love You

August 11, 2017


New York. I have been inside you for a little over 2 months (since May 26), and it has been the biggest whirlwind of my life. In this recent amount of time, it's safe to say that I have fallen madly in love with you. 


I didn't originally plan to move to New York. I knew I wanted to leave but I had no idea where I was going to. From Australia, London, to Los Angeles, I had mapped out my 5 year plans. Honestly, I don't know what made my final decision to come here, but I bought a ticket and I never looked back. Lots of people have been asking me how I did it, how I made the move, what I brought, how I got my place. Well. I bought a one way ticket, I packed two suitcases to the BRIM with random clothes (New York weather is a mystery to a little Las Vegas girl), and Facebook connected me with a girl I had met in Costa Rica with a room that needed a lady to live in it. There's really no more advice besides just pack your bags and go. I saved up a little bit, enough to get by (if we're being honest, it was about $3,000 but that's LONG GONE by now) and had some income from previous work in Vegas. 


Here, I spent a week living like a tourist and exploring the city. I immediately began to audition like my life depended on it. For about a month I auditioned for EVERY SINGLE THING (and I do mean it) that I got accepted for, that had an open call, or that I could sit in and MIGHT be seen for. Ranged from tiny off-off Broadway shows, Hamilton, touring shows, and so many films. 2-3 auditions a day does a girl in. Eventually, I needed money. Long story short, I work about a zillion jobs right now. Catering is my best friend, so is promo modeling--which took me a second to secure out here. I also have some day jobs that aren't freelance, hosting, retail, but it's all pretty much in the works still. It's taken me what feels like forever to finally get some stability in my life here, but I keep forgetting it's only been two months! Being completely open, there have been plenty, plenty nights spent crying in my bed (which is a glorified cot) and days where I'm scared to leave the house and spend money... so I'll just watch Netflix. 


It's been hard. I won't lie. It's one of the toughest times of my life. I came here knowing virtually nobody (A few friends do work in the city! Shoutout to Stephon for showing me around my second day here), having no family out here, and no idea what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted to make art. To this day, I have no idea what I want to make. People have told me I need to find a thing--whether it be commercials, film, television, musical theater, straight plays, comedy... But honestly, fuck that. I'm going to keep throwing darts and see what sticks. Maybe I'll choose a forte one day, but for now, beggars can't be choosers. BUT I am incredibly thankful for people I have met either in travels or from back home who have been such a help! From giving me names of theaters to check out or places to see and things to do, or just general New York advice! (Sarah O'Connell, Chris Edwards, Rayme Cornell, Nate Bynum)


In terms of things accomplished, I have a few under my belt! I just closed an off-off Broadway show at the Times Square Arts Center called Twelve Angry Women. I was Juror #10, the racist, which was an odd and challenging first role in New York. I am currently filming a webseries called Big Scouts, about an adult summer camp. We film in Central Park and we get into some odd situations, thanks to the comedy gods. I start rehearsals for the PIT's Work Study show this weekend, which is a sketch show involving the work studies at the People's Improv Theater! Working at the PIT has been such a highlight of living here. I get to see all the comedy I want, I get to go to improv jams, and I have made such awesome friends. After the sketch show, I want to take a break to focus on getting more financially stable, but we all know I can't really do breaks like that. So I'll probably stick to stand-up and improv. I have not done stand-up in the city yet, but boy you will know when I do.


Two months in. I'm finally getting the hang of it. Michael and Sarah keep my head on right. All the puppies I see keep my heart full. Working at restaurants keeps my belly from not being empty.


Honestly, I'm just writing off the top of my head. It's been such a jam-packed, intense time here that I can't gather thoughts. So much has happened! I guess I'll stop now, before I start rambling about how awesome Trader Joe's is and how it took me UNTIL TODAY to find Tapatio in the city, or how hard it is finding a haircut for under $60.


New York. You are one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. And now I call you home. 




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