The Agent Hunt

I am currently seeking representation with an agency in New York! I do have a manager based in LA and we're excited to add a NYC rep to the team. I'm looking for an agency who I have a good fit with and who believes in me. Lots of auditions and meeting a lot of people. Hoping this Cinderella finds her agency version of Prince Charming soon!


I always do a TON of self tape auditions and I'm glad to say I feel pretty confident in my ability to self tape and send in! A lot of big stuff, a lot of small stuff. 

I also have been going on a lot of in person auditions here in NYC! Staged shows, big productions, indie films, staged readings. 

Always always always auditioning.


I am stoked to say I've been filming a TON! Sketches, indie films, short films, monologues, scenes, even things I'm producing on my own. I've been in front of the camera a bunch in the last few months and I'm excited to build a whole new demo and get this new footage out to casting directors and agents! 

Also, some of the footage I shot last year is making its way out. I'm excited to say that some of these things are festival bound! I'm glad to have worked with so many great people and to continue telling stories like I have been.

Voiceover & Commercial

I am currently taking classes in voiceover and commercial! A voiceover reel will be up soon so be ready for that! 


I've been doing a lot of work lately about how I perceive myself vs. how others perceive me. After a few days of gathering how people see me, this is what I came up with! (The bat is because I love all things spooky!) The ones that were mentioned most were: Bubbly, Energetic, Bright, Spicy, Passionate, Kind, Warm, Optimistic, Persistent, and Friendly. I'd have to say I agree with all these things! Also, this word cloud is actually really cool haha. But it for sure depicts me!


Wow, it's been a JOURNEY and I have messed up a whole lot and learned a whole lot more. But I am so so proud to say that I'm now a producer! I've been producing my own films for a few months now. Lessons With Lola was a self-produced solo show, as well! So, in both live shows and films, I am creating my own content. It's been so refreshing to take my career in my own hands! Instead of sitting around waiting to be cast in something, I am out making things. Creating content has been one of the best things I've been doing lately.

Characters & Comedy

I've been getting a lot of auditions in comedy for characters and stuff! So it's led me to start making character videos. Which has led me to produce some sketches! So in the comedy world, there is a lot happening for me. I'm diving more and more into comedy (which I should have been doing all along haha) but I'm glad to finally give my all to what I know best. Filming a lot of comedy stuff and creating a lot of my own comedy content. 

International Comedy

I am honored to have been brought to Toronto, Canada to participate in Bad Dog Theater's COMBUSTION Festival! I was one of a few international comedians/improv troupes to come out and do the improv festival. 2-3 shows a night and playing with a ton of great improvisers from all over the world, it was a BLAST. 

I was also able to participate, speak, and teach a workshop at Bad Dog Theater's "Our Cities On Our Stages" Symposium! I love combining education and the arts and I look forward to bringing my knowledge on creating safe spaces, intersectionality, and diversity into the comedy world. 

Lessons With Lola

Lessons With Lola is a solo show I wrote and produced about my Filipino grandmother who had dementia. With the help of the wonderful Kerry Ipema as my director and dramaturg, this show is my baby that I am so so so proud was born into the world! Comedy, rice, and a little confusion. 

The goal is to bring this show to international stages and ultimately bring it to the Philippines! I have done 2 runs in NYC, a show on the West Coast in Las Vegas, and I am going to continue doing more of the show. Right now I am applying to a ton of fringe festivals and I hope to bring it to the circuit in the upcoming year.