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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Actor | Filmmaker | Musician | Publicist

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Ashley Rapuano Sanchez is a Las Vegas & Los Angeles based creative. She is a working actor with a degree in Stage and Screen Acting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and with additional schooling from HB Studios (NYC), East West Players (LA), and more. She has done standup, improv, and sketch comedy in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and internationally - having studied at Upright Citizen’s Brigade (LA & NYC), The People’s Improv Theater, Vegas Theater Hub and with many many more esteemed comedy teachers. Her solo show about her grandmother with Dementia, Lessons with Lola, sold out in Las Vegas after an NYC premiere, with several following runs. She is also a filmmaker, having worn many hats in the filmmaking process in live, digital, and both short films & features. She is proudly stepping more into her filmmaking shoes every day, currently working as producer on Eccentric Artist's first narrative short film: Gamu-Gamo.


Ashley is ½ of the Take the Skies indie rock band duo - singing, playing rhythm guitar, drums and additional percussion. They record out of Hammsterden Records, owned by her husband Jared Sanchez, who is also their producer. Her and her band mate, Eric Connell, are influenced by several different genres and have been playing music together for over 10 years. Their music has been featured in several films. You can listen to Take the Skies on all streaming platforms. Click HERE to listen on Spotify.


Along with performing and filmmaking, Ashley is a host and MC at live events, guiding the audience through the given show. Ashley also co-hosts a podcast called "The Tremendous Talk Podcast" - where she speaks to AAPI and BIPOC professionals in the industry through her job at Tremendous Communications. Click HERE to listen to Tremendous Talk on Spotify.


Ashley is the Publicity Manager at Tremendous Communications, a PR and marketing agency dedicated to celebrating AAPI excellence in entertainment and media. She proudly works to highlight the AAPI community through all she does both at work and outside of work. Past work with Tremendous includes A24's Everything Everywhere All At Once, Jordan Peele’s Nope, Paramount's Babylon, Lionsgate's Joy Ride and much more.

Ashley is an artist at heart - constantly creating and ideating on what’s to come. She is furiously passionate about highlighting Filipino, AAPI, and BIPOC voices in entertainment. Some of the organizations Ashley has worked with to bring representation to the forefront include: Hammsterden Records, Eccentric Artists, and Filipinx Actors Barkada.


Ashley is proudly Filipino & Mediterranean American, vegan, and vocal about both animal and human rights. She believes art is a pathway for social change. She loves Halloween, the family’s husky named Amiyah, taking walks with her husband, and a good hot sauce. When she's not hacking away at her computer, she can be found reading a book in the sunshine, painting, taking care of her plants, cooking, doing yoga, or singing karaoke with her husband.

PRESS, INTERVIEWS, ETC, click the links below!

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Press kit and additional media available upon request at


 If It Scares You, Go There. - A short essay on comedy on Filipina American News

Tropical Leaves

Contact & Representation

GS Entertainment Management

Todd Zeller

323.860.0270 Ext. 19

TNG Models

Theatrical Representation Nationwide & Commercial Representation in Las Vegas

Marissa Joy

702.956.7711 ext 702



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Take the Skies is an indie rock band made of Las Vegas locals Ashley Rapuano Sanchez and Eric Connell. Proudly representing their Filipino and Latinx heritage in all they do - their goal is to tell stories people resonate with. Best friends since the first day of high school when they wore the same band shirt - Eric & Ashley have been making music together for over 10 years. Their producer (& now Ashley's husband), Jared Sanchez, runs the Las Vegas recording studio and creative space - Hammsterden Records. 

From Inday
To Asawa

'FROM INDAY TO ASAWA' is a solo show written and performed by Ashley Rapuano, in development with East West Players for The Body Series by Giovanni Ortega.

Your favorite grandma is coming back to

Lessons With Lola

Lessons With Lola is a comedic drama written, produced, and performed by Ashley Rapuano with direction and dramaturgy by Kerry Ipema. The show premiered at the 2018 People's Improv Theater Solocom Festival (NYC) and has done several runs since.

The story is about Lily Sanchez, Ashley's grandmother. Written about true events and situations, the production covers topics such as Dementia, Filipino culture and traditions, arranged marriages, and much more.

A story written with love about love.

Lessons With Lola & Theater
Tropical Leaves

"Laughter is not our medicine. Stories hold our cure. Laughter is just the honey that sweetens the bitter medicine." 
-Hannah Gadsby

“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.”

-Toni Cade Bambara

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Land Acknowledgement

Honoring Native Lands

Ashley Rapuano recognizes that she is based on the unceded land of the Southern Paiutes, descendants of the Tudinu, or Desert People,  who have lived along the Colorado River since 1100 A.D. and extended north and west into the areas known today as Southern Nevada, Utah, and California. Ashley also recognizes that she has, and continues to, benefit from the use of Southern Paiute land.  We pay respects to their elders past and present. Please take a moment to consider the many legacies of violence, displacement, migration, and settlement that bring us here today. 

If you want to know more about the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe visit their website here.

For more information on land acknowledgements click here.

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